Thank you, Dixie Evans

This August, the burlesque community lost one of its luminaries. Dixie Evans, the Marylin Monroe of burlesque passed away.

On August 28th, what would have been her birthday, a group of us involved in the burlesque community gathered together for a random act of glamor.

The Spirit of Dixie Evans Lives On In Me – and there’s photographic proof.

But before we get to that, while we were all out fan dancing through Myrtle Edwards Park, (Which is COMPLETELY different from what it used to be like. for those who knew the Seattle of the 1990s) we ran into a group of tourists, who were traveling with a woman who I (believe) had down syndrome.

As her travelling companions talked over her and around her, we addressed her directly, asked if she wanted to take a picture and if she wanted to hold a fan – and which color she wanted.

It was a really important moment for me. And I really enjoyed being able to show myself as a sassy lady with fans AND a white cane!

So thank you, Miranda for posing with me for a picture. The Spirit of Dixie Evans lives on in all of us. And all of us are glamorous.

All photos by Felix Kamchung.

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