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  1. Axy
    Axy June 12, 2014 at 1:15 pm | | Reply

    I got married in Vegas. After the ceremony my husband went up to the suite to have cigars with his buddies and I went to the casino floor for karaoke with my mother-in-law. Even though the whole lounge was toasting my nuptials and I WAS STILL IN MY ELABORATE BALLGOWN WEDDING DRESS a drunk Nascar fan was aggressively hitting on me and trying to grope me on the dance floor. Security showed him out twice and he just came back! The third time a group a men who had been watching escorted him out…with extreme prejudice.

    I play ukulele for Burlesque shows and I have fancy costumes that highlight my cleavage. I enjoy sexy attire and flirting with polite people, but there is always someone who isn’t so polite. Whenever I encounter someone who is aggressive and I’m given the “well look what you’re wearing” line, I relate that story. NOTHING says, “I’m not interested,” as clearly as a wedding dress, but my wedding dress didn’t protect me from inappropriate advances.

    If the clothes I wear can’t adequately express that I’m NOT interested, then why are they given the responsibility of saying that I AM?

  2. Pat
    Pat December 16, 2014 at 1:10 pm | | Reply

    Men who would never dream of going on stage to “capture” Shakespearian actors regularly believe that “showgirls” are fair game. Why?

    The history of male and female burlesque is old, and in some cases, honored as good clean fun – especially when Executive men were induced to perform at Executive functions, for entertainment purposes.

    Shall we bring those back, or ban burlesque entirely because they focus upon prurient interests of men and place women in subjugating roles where men prefer they remain?

    The topic of burlesque is entirely a salient one to debate the equality of women, and how they have been submarined – mostly because of marketing, and the failure of men to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

    Is our militarized police suffering from the same chaos of identity confusion?

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