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  1. Dannielle Burrus
    Dannielle Burrus August 23, 2013 at 2:59 pm | | Reply

    I understand the anger to a degree but The New York Times and even sites like Jezebel have to make things clear for readers. Some people do not understand what a transgender person is so that has to be laid out point by point.

    You are alienating allies with flaming about the headline “How to React to the News that Bradley Manning is Transgender.”
    Bradley is the name the public knows this person as but sites like Jezebel are making Chelsea’s voice hear by using her chosen name. Secondly, if you look at the article the picture has the word “she” in the middle of it. While yes, it had previously come to light that Bradley identified as transgender this was not widely publicized in the mainstream media. The letter read on the Today Show this week was the first public declaration that this is in fact Chelsea not Bradley.

    In an additional article published by Jezebel the headline reads “A Tough Road Ahead for Chelsea Manning”

    Until the trans movement is widely understood by the America public clarifications have to be made in articles to educate people. Specifying that Chelsea was previously known as Bradley is a reality plain and simple. It is not an indication of bigotry. Call out bigotry where it truly exists in hateful speech and stop attacking communities and publications that are making an attempt to make trans issues known and understood.

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