HB2 – Texas

” I choose to live in Texas, I chose to get pregnant in Texas, and I chose to transition my child from fetus to child in Texas.”

“It is a late hour, and I want to call upon my friend John Seagoe who said ‘let’s go with what we know’ I have 25 years of counseling and volunteering at a pregnancy resource center in Texas. I firmly believe that these laws are good for Texas women”


Elsa S. Henry July 3, 20131:25 am

People say “Don’t go to bed angry!” and I say “Well. Tonight. That’s um. Impossible”
Goodnight everybody! See you tomorrow morning for North Carolina Coverage!

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 20131:20 am

They closed the floor, no more testimonies despite the fact that there are 1k people who were not heard. I’m going to bed so I can live report on North Carolina tomorrow. Everybody, it’s going to be rough – but we can fight this.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 20131:10 am

Sylvester Turner is AMAZING and I have a political orator crush on him.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 20131:05 am

I love these people who are standing up.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:58 am

Even though I think they are WROOOOOOOONG.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:57 am

I am delighted that the representatives are at least fighting with this guy from the Justice Foundation.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:57 am

New favorite word? INconstitutional.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:53 am

Someone just argued that abortion is not constitutional. Sigh. Freedom. FREEDOM. FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:52 am

Justice Foundation is now speaking, they represent women who have been injured by abortion.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:48 am

People are alleging that the Pro-Life groups are signing up their children to testify against HB2. I’m pretty sure that isn’t legal because they are minors and cannot vote.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:45 am

Tiffany Bishop is up and against #Hb2 “Never in my life have I seen abuses from the house & the senate to push this bill through”

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:40 am

My father had HIV/AIDS and I got an excellent education when it came to sex ed, I only wish that everyone else got the same education.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:37 am

ebecca Elder is up – “I wasn’t born a Texan, but I got here as fast as I could and I LOVe Texas” #Hb2

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:36 am

They’re calling more witnesses. God I wish I had a staff, we could copy paste tweets as they come in.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:31 am

Marian Oman opposes #Hb2 – “I want to talk about choice. I respect all of their choices and I want the state of Texas to respect mine.”

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:25 am

Dr. Andy Woods is now speaking, he’s a professor & a pastor. All get to speak. But pastors…. I struggle.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:23 am

“You wouldn’t dare beat an animal, you would put them in a non-kill place” – well, there’s a number of issues here, but I’m not getting into them just now.

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:21 am

“My purpose is to support many young preborn women” – challenging…

Elsa S. Henry July 3, 201312:20 am

“This bill would end the torture of many preborns” – I feel like this is a really fraught quote.

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  1. Cheri
    Cheri July 9, 2013 at 12:29 pm | | Reply

    Republican Party is full of people who firmly believed in something only to finally understand when it either happened to them, a family member or close friend. The some light goes off in thief head and they reverse and understand. Everyone’s situation is different.
    “Walk a mile in my shoes”. We just want the ability to decide for ourselves and make our own decisions about own bodies. Seems wierd to even have to defend that.
    But maybe some day it will happen to a family member or friend and that light will go off for you. You should not be deciding for me. No one should but me

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