It’s That Time of Year – Awards Eligibility 2016

This last year has been filled with a lot of writing, most of it hasn’t been seen by the public yet, but the following things have, and if you’re a Nebula nominator, or someone who’ll be nominating for the Hugo’s the following might be worth knowing about.

1) My piece A Place Out of Time at Fireside Fiction Company is about time travel and disability. It’s eligible for short story awards.

2) Also eligible for short story awards is Seeking Truth, which is in the Upside Down anthology, which comes out on December 13th 2016. It’s a story engineered to throw the “Blind People are Magic” trope upside its head.

3) And then there’s my article “So You Wanna Write a Blind Character“, which is a 10 question guide opening able bodied writers’ eyes (see what I did there? Oops. I keep doing it) to writing blind characters in fiction.

4) I’m also eligible for the Campbell award.

So that’s me. In a few days I’ll talk about the work of others, and pieces that I loved this year.

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