The Work Pays Off, Sometimes

So, today is exciting! Today I get to announce something! I never get to announce New Things!

Feminist Sonar is about to get its very own radio show through Lyberated Media! There’s a kickstarter currently going to fund the new network, and I’m really excited about my participation.

So why a Feminist Sonar radio show?

When I was approached about this, at first I thought “But I already have a blog.”

But radio is different. You can hear my voice, I can talk you through things, I can answer questions (eventually!) and yeah, its even more accessible than the blog. Because sometimes you just can’t read. Sometimes you want to listen. Sometimes it’s a matter of just not wanting to listen to your screen reader read to you, because from my experience, screen readers are super obnoxiously mechanical voice.

I want to reach more people. I want my opinions to be more accessible, and I want to be able to share the news in a new way. I’m really grateful to Lyberated for giving me this opportunity.

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  1. Chanelle
    Chanelle October 14, 2014 at 2:36 pm | | Reply

    Would LOVE to hear you on the radio! Think it’ll be working in the UK?? If not, you should do a video blog too. Just a suggestion! 🙂

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