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  1. Theresa
    Theresa October 26, 2012 at 6:35 pm | | Reply

    It feels sometimes that my mind lives in two worlds. It seems so obvious to me that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, in fact, that LGBT people should be equal to straight people under the law, and that women are the people in the best position to make appropriate choices about their own healthcare. Yet I live in a state that has recently passed restrictive anti-abortion laws. I live in a state that, in 2011, passed a bill effectively preventing cities from adopting their own anti-discrimination laws and requires them to use state laws which do NOT protect GLBT people from discrimination in the workplace. I live in a city that voted to remove Title X funding from Planned Parenthood, giving in instead to Christ Community Health Services. I live in a city that made a huge step forward by passing an ordinance protecting GLBT employees of the city from being fired- an ordinance that prompted some of the most influential people in the area, the ministers of large Christian (mostly Baptist) churches to speak out against these protections, saying that protecting GLBT employees from being fired was “promoting a harmful lifestyle,” and would be “detrimental to the community.”

    I lived in a liberal bubble once, and I thought I understood that not every place in the country was as comfortable as where I was, but I could never have conceived of a place where so many acts of local and state government feels like a personal attacks. I hope that someday I will see an outpouring of support of Tennesseans for GLBT rights issues as passionate as the one from Washington’s Ref 74.

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