Many of you will  be coming to this blog as a friend of mine, so you already know all this, BUT –

I’m Elsa. I am blind. I am married. I am a historian. I am the daughter of a burlesque performer. I am proudly disabled. I am a practicing Druid. I am a feminist. I am a writer. I am the daughter of an AIDS victim. I am an educator. I am a firm believer in gay rights. I am a firm believer in civil rights.


You might be wondering what the title of this blog means. Eliminating the improbable comes from my favorite Sherlock Holmes quote: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes cover to cover, learning what my eyes couldn’t teach me – how to observe. I grew up wanting to be Sherlock Holmes, not because I wanted to be a consulting detective, or a heroin addict, or to be the worst roomate on the planet. I wanted to be Sherlock Holmes because I wanted to understand the way that the world works, how people work.

And when you’re half blind, half deaf, burlesque drag spawn – sometimes you ARE the impossible.

We’ll have a great time. We’ll talk about lots of things – I make you one promise as a blogger: I will never expect you the reader to agree with everything I say. I will expect you to have discourse with me when you’re respectfully disagreeing with me. I ignore flames, I ignore rudeness, and I ignore trolls. Get back under the bridge where you belong, thanks.

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